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Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co

The finest fly rods in the world are made from Bamboo. That's why you need to treat yourself to a rod from Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co.

Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co:

"The Place for Quality Bamboo Rods

If you’ve longed for bamboo, Headwaters is your welcome home. Our classic bamboo tapers have a silky smooth action to delight anglers with a preference for fine crafted rods with a relaxed casting rhythm. Anglers worldwide have discovered the exhilaration of fishing Headwaters bamboo. Join them for an affordable rod of distinction and character.Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co

Handmade Quality

Six hand-planed strips of genuine Tonkin cane form a rich texture of functional yet timeless craftsmanship. Quality hardware complements the natural elegance of bamboo. Our rods come in a khaki bag and aluminum tubes are available. We offer rods outfitted with three grades of hardware (Favorite, Deluxe, and Peerless), blanks for the do-it-yourselfer, and classic fly reels.

An Intelligent Choice

Every fly angler ought to fish bamboo. Whether you’re hobbled by the prohibitive cost of custom rods or the heirloom sentiment of an antique, a reasonably priced Headwaters rod proves a fishable alternative".

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Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co

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