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Panamarama : Zyra's Issue117 front page picture

It's a picture of Zyra with green hair, and in the background there is a projection of the skyline of Panama City. This was the front page picture for Zyra.org.uk just before Zyra's three month expedition to Panama to look into the serious possibility of tax-exileship there.

That pink and black striped wool dress is probably a bit warm for in Panama, but at least it's well ventilated round the shoulders. Such outfits are available from Spank which is one of those interesting shops in Camden Market in London. We're hoping they'll have an affiliate program at some time soon!

Anyway, here's the full-sized picture. I hope it's had time to load while you've been reading this text! ...

Issue117 front page picture

There's a lot more to Zyra's website than some interesting modelling shots , and you can see there are thousands of pages, about a wide variety of subjects. These are listed in full A-Z order , but so as to avoid being too conventional, they are also listed in Z-A order

Update: It is a success story, as I have emigrated for tax purposes because of my success as an affiliate.