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How to Search for Stuff to do with Panama

Panama is a country in Central America, famous for the Panama Canal and Panama Hats, and for being a Tax Haven. But when you are searching for stuff to do with Panama, particularly for places in Panama, you may find that search engines come up with stuff that's nothing to do with it.

This page has advice on how to solve that problem, so you can find things in the Republic of Panama without getting other stuff coming up.

The main problem with searching for things in Panama is that there is another place which has been named "Panama". It's Panama City in Florida, USA. This is confusing, and it gets in the way of all manner of searches for things to do with the independent republic of Panama.

So, for example, if you are searching for Gothic Shops in Panama, or Carpet Shops in Panama, for example, you tend to get results for the city in Florida rather than for the country of Panama.

Here's how to solve this: On the end of your search query, add -fl -florida

For example: gothic shops in panama -fl -florida

This works on most search engines, and gives results for the search that you specified but without "FL" or "Florida". This eliminates most of the stray results.

Another source of noise in search is where a company has named one of their product lines the "Panama", for example models of handbasins, greenhouses, picture frames, etc.

This is more difficult to eliminate, but it doesn't matter quite so much because the product lines are quite rare and specific.

You may notice I've had to create a special page for this business of searching for Panamanian things, because if I put this stuff on the page I have about Panama, the page itself would be eliminated when someone puts into a search: Panama -fl -florida

It doesn't matter with this page itself, because it's readable by people who don't yet know the trick!