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Resurrection from the Dead

Philosophical point: Resurrection of data from dead hard disc drives is now possible. Even when people are stricken by grief because their data is lost,Ankh - ancient Egyptian symbol of life the experts at Ontrack Data Recovery can usually get the data back. It's my belief that some time in the future it will be possible that technology will have advanced to the level where people can be brought back from the dead.Hard Disc It's my belief that Ontrack Data Recovery are the type of company who will be resurrecting people from the dead after they've been stored by Cryonics for long enough for the technology to advance. I must point out that this level of belief in a disc drive recovery company might be considered a bit extreme, even for an affiliate, but it's my belief. Best not to laugh too loud, as many people in the world believe in much sillier things than that! At least my belief has got some scientific notion to it. Plus, a few years ago it would have been laughable to think that hard disc drives as big as 120 gigabytes would be possible. Now let's think about this idea a bit further: If you want to give your hard disc drive the best chance of being resurrected, you should not bury it in the ground nor burn it to ash.ESS Data Recovery Much better to store it somewhere securelyPalmer Data Recovery - the data rescuers if you can't afford to recover it right now. Fortunately for the hard drive it will not rot at room temperature, so it can be stored in a safe for years. Another point about this business of bringing people back to life is the fact that if you want to come back in the future it's best to budget for it; not just for the cold storage, but for the recovery costs.

Xytron data recoveryAdditional note: There is no monopoly or One True Resurrection, as ESS Data Recovery are also in the business of hard disc drive resurrection and may be able to offer a competitive rate, along with Palmer Data and Xytron, the affordable resurrection.

Further notes about Resurrection of the person who has died, can be found here. This is thinking ahead of what happens after the initial freezing in liquid nitrogen, ie cryonics

This is a bit of a stretch from the idea of Resurrection Online which is an alternative fashion label.