Silk and Sable

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Silk and Sable

Feels just like natural fur

Why go out on a SHooting Trip and kill innocent animals, what's wrong with you? There is an alternative to natural fur and it's available from Silk and Sable. Fur bad, Faux Fur good!

Silk and Sable:

"Silk & Sable is located in Gardnerville, Nevada.

Specializing in Faux Fur for 14 years, we are a company dedicated to making your purchase a success with superior products at the lowest prices. Rest assured, our furs are THE BEST available in the marketplace today.

ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS. All of our products are designed by experts paying close attention to all the details.

We have searched the world for the best fur available in softness, realistic look and feel with minimal to no shedding.

Thanks for shopping at Silk & Sable".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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