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Remote Data Recovery

Recovering your data NOW by remote control. Terabytes of data at a server, ISP, or other large computer installation, recovered within an hour or thereabouts?

Big SystemsIf you have a massive computer system it's critically important that it remains running all of the time. But if you suffered data loss it would be terrible, and besides the obvious urgency that it would be very important to get the data recovered immediately, it would also be difficult to see how you could get the server loaded into a giant padded bag the size of a truck and posted off to Ontrack Data Recovery. However, there is a solution which avoids all those terabytes languishing in limbo while everyone puzzles desperately what can possibly be done. Kroll Ontrack can sometimes recover data by remote control! It's called Remote Data Recovery and it can be performed down a data link such as a modem or a satellite link. Remote Data Recovery sounds like magic but is in fact just high-tech. It can be performed on computers of any size, so if time is of the essence you can have your desktop or laptop recovered by this method, if you consider it's worth it. Go For It!

Ontrack: "Ontrack offers Remote Data Recovery TM (RDRŪ) and is the only Data Recovery Company in the world that offers this service. It is the fastest, most cost-effective data recovery service available. Other companies do not offer an alternative and will require you to ship your hard drive. Our technology lets us perform secure lab-quality data recovery right on your server, desktop, or laptop through a modem or Internet connection without requiring you to remove or dismantle your system. RDR can be completed in a matter of hours, all you need is a modem or access to the Internet through a corporate LAN or ISP and the engineer will perform the recovery for you".

"Remote Data Recovery™ ... In as little as 30 minutes, you can be back on the road to productivity. Our RDR service is currently the fastest data recovery method available. Using patented technology, our engineers perform lab-quality data recovery service right on your server, desktop or laptop through a modem or Internet connection, even if your system does not boot*".

"Remote Data Recovery (RDR) service is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world and recovers data in as little as 30 minutes. Not only can your data be recovered wherever you are but RDR can fix the problem directly on the drive. RDR is currently the fastest data recovery method available: it ends costly and unnecessary downtime associated with dismantling and shipping equipment and there is no need to create an image of the drive to recover the data stored on."

Data RecoveryData RecoveryLink here for Ontrack, the Data Recovery Experts!

http://www.ontrack.co.uk/datarecovery/servicequote.asp?PartnerID=ZYR100 independent affiliate program

* Technical note: Yes it IS possible to recover data remotely even if the computer won't boot. All that's needed is either a second computer and the downloading of a floppy disc image OR the moving of one drive from one computer to another. Don't worry, those people at Ontrack have seen it all before and can do it! The key feature is how clever the people are at the other end of the line performing the remote control data recovery!

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